About the Girl

Amal Iqbal is a creative director and the founder, designer and maker of Studio FIG. With a whimsical and luxe aesthetic, Amal's creative direction, technical prowess, and exquisite eye for detail has transformed the Studio FIG into a modern day design-house; creating original products and providing unparalleled design services in Sacramento and beyond. Amal recent accolades are creating a curated retail pop-up, being a speaker at Creative Mornings and being a finalist in Sacramento's only small business competition.


About the studio

Studio FIG launched in 2016 with the mission to provide design services and create beautiful goods. With elements of modesty, modernity, and sustainability, we merge modern day technology with traditional craftsmanship to create goods in the fields of fashion, interior home decor, and graphic design. Since then Studio FIG has been featured in local new publications and has worked with notable companies such as Cloth&Paper, Makers Mart, Honey Agency, Host Creative, and Fulcrum Properties. Studio FIG will be showcasing at the New York Stationery Show in May of 2018. 

In 2017, Studio FIG started to take 5% from every purchase are donated to fund a scholarship to help female students pursuing degrees in a design field. 


Modern day technology with traditional craftsmanship.


About the Process

For Amal, creating luxury goods has always been a rewarding process. Her education in landscape architecture, fashion design, and interior design over the past ten years have given her a unique set of tools, that have given her the ability to balance the golden rule of form + function

Amal designs start with the ideas about how said design will be used and where it will be worn. A mood board filled with her sketches and inspiration images of whimsical locations, architectural and floral shapes, vivid colors ways and luxe materials cover the studio walls.

Once her design is ready, using her own patterns and the help of modern technoloy, she cuts, embosses, sews, assembles and monograms each and every design, turning it into a tangible, luxe good.

Each and every order placed is made order, packaged and shipped from Amal's studio in California.