Let's create and connect together! We are proposing a new concept, let's use social media to create and connect together!


How does it work? 

We will come up with original do-it-yourself, or DIY projects, and provide you the ,materials list, and instructions (fun instructions by the way, with color, and easy to read infographics) once a month. You can download these via the post will put up, or via your email, if you subscribe below!

You will have a week or so to collect the materials, and if you chose, to create it on your own, or join us on our INSTAGRAM STORIES - LIVE to connect and create together! 

Ever get a DIY where you don't understand the steps and wish someone would just show you how to do it? Well, with #studiofiglivediy you get to ask questions, connect with us and create together, regardless of where you are. And best part, it is all free. 



By subscribing to #studiofiglivediy, you get your materials list instructions before everyone else, vote for our next DIY project, and get your DIY featured on our page! 


Subscribe to Studio FIG LIVE DIY

All you will get is two emails a month from us, one where you get to vote for our next DIY (if you want) and the material and instructions right to your inbox!