Custom Website for Jordana Buchholz-Seguin

Custom Website for Jordana Buchholz-Seguin


Hello Jordana, 

So excited and honored to create your website! 

Relationships mean more to me than anything, so if something is not to your liking or you have any questions or concerns, just reach out. I will do my absolute best to resolve any issues, should they come up. 

I like my clients to be hands on and have opinions so as I start to develop the site, your voice is super crucial in making sure you get what you want. 

I'll be in touch via text and email as we move forward. 

Thank you so much for the opportunity! 

Best wishes, 

Amal - Owner Studio FIG

Project Description:

Design fee Website created for Jordana Buchholz-Seguin and here website using Squarespace as the hosting platform. Studio Fig is responsible for designing website with a completion date of July 4, earlier if possible, given that the client provides Studio FIG required information in oder to complete website design. Studio FIG will help teach Jordana Buchholz-Seguin/ how to use Squarespace. Studio FIG is not responsible and for Squarespace monthly/annual fee, but will not chose a package without discussing cost with Jordana Buchholz-Seguin.


Terms and Conditions:

Payment by Jordana Buchholz-Seguin to Studio FIG will be an agreement to the terms and conditions above.

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